Thranduil Cosplay Tutorial


Hello my lovlies!  I don't believe I have ever properly written out just exactly how I made my Thranduil cosplay, so I figured it was about time I had done so!

First things first, fabrics!  

For the robe, I purchased grey with gold shimmer stretch poplin from for the base layer.  I like this because, in the film, his coat sometimes looks more gold/green than silver in certain lighting, and I was able to obtain a similar effect with this fabric!

Over that, from JoAnn Fabrics, I purchased Silver Sparkle Mesh , grey sateen for the lining, and black piping for the seams.

As far as the cloak, I used the remaining poplin from the base layer of my robe, painted the entire thing with a leaf stencil and sea sponges using FolkArt Metallic paint in Gunmetal Grey and Gold.  The inside of the cloak is an iridescent red/black satin.

Lastly, for the boots, I used Arctic Grey vinyl, also from JoAnn Fabrics.

Now let's get started!


I did in fact begin with a pattern, Simplicity 1551 which is literally Galadriel's costume.  I merely used it as a base as I had altered it severely.

I purchased several yards of super cheap muslin for my pattern making process!  I first had cut out pattern 1551, sewed it together (only half)

...and thus began the beginning of my mathematical problems (I am awful at maths) in which I had to figure out the width of each strip of fabric to make the appropriate number of seams, accurate to Thranduil's costume.

I apologize for the many, many different lines.  As I said before, I am awful at maths.

These were the finalized lines.  I think they were 3cm apart?  It will not be the same for you as everyone is different sizes!  This was honestly THE single most annoying part of the entire costume!!

After I figured out where all of the seams would go, I cut them out and transferred them to more muslin and added seam allowance before cutting out each individual strip (and I numbered and labelled each strip so I knew exactly where they belonged).

Once everything was cut out with seam allowance, it was time to transfer the pattern to the actual fabric!

I cannot take all of the credit though.  I did have help from Ebony...As well as Sophie.

Once the base fabric and overlay were cut out, it was now time to piece them together and join each seam with piping!

Be sure to PRESS THE SEAMS and don't forget to finish them!

And then press it firmly against your body.

*Please take special note that it is super, super long.  The length of the robe was adjusted for my height in 5.25" platform wedge heels!!

There are a lot of seams, so you may have to recruit some helpers to speed along the process!

Once the front panels and back seams are sewn, it is time to cut out the lining!!

Please be sure that the front panels for the lining is ONE WHOLE SECTION!!!  You do NOT need to do the seams for the lining as well!!  Which is why you see the front panel here as one big piece.

And gaze upon the fine specimen you have created after sewing the back and front panels together - DO NOT SEW ON THE SLEEVES!  They are pinned here in this photo.

Then sew together all of the pieces of the lining, then sew it to the robe and then onto the sleeves, turn inside out, press and attach the sleeves to the robe.  I sewed in hooks and eyes to fasten the front together.  VOILA!  The robe is complete.


For those of you who are tiny spectacles like me, I purchased 5.25" platform wedge pumps from Discount Women's Dress Shoes.

I took my leg (with the shoe on it) wrapped it in plastic wrap and then covered that with masking tape.

I had to do this numerous times as Thranduil's boots have overlapping sections to them.  I would draw out the design I needed, cut them out, and then rewrap my leg.

Once you have your pieces cut out, transfer them to muslin and make any adjustments and add seam allowance.  Then cut out the actual fabric.  I used upholstery vinyl for mine and I put a zipper in the back.


The cloak I made with the remaining base fabric from my robe and painted it using leaf stencils and sea sponges.

I then sewed the red with black sheen fabric to it, turned it inside out, and then pressed it.


I purchased a Swarovski 4127 30mm Fancy Oval Crystal AB from to use for the gem, and I used Fimo clay to make the brooch.

Firstly, I found a photo of the brooch itself and printed out a few photos until I got the size just right so that the gem in the photo was the same size of my actual gem.

I noticed there were three distinct sections of the brooch which I highlighted in different colours before cutting out each section and used it as a template to cut out my clay form.

Then you bake it (but don't bake it with the Gem on).

Once it is baked, wait for it to cool before sanding the edges and painting it.  Then glue, to the back, a bar pin!

I also made my rings from fimo, but I just stared at photos of the rings and kind of just winged them.


I made the crown from a wired base and covered the wire with fimo, using a needle to do the wood grain detailing.

I had gotten some tips on how to make the crown from Cage who makes amazing Thranduil crowns, so definitely check them out! 

Once that was done, it went in the oven!  As soon as it was done baking, I let it cool overnight so that it hardened completely before spray painting it a few different colours of brown and bronze.

I then spray painted some green foliage red and hot glued them to the crown.

And of course, had some blooming tea.

This concludes my Thranduil cosplay tutorial!  I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and be sure to follow my fan page on Facebook!!!