Rey Cosplay Tutorial


Fabrics Purchased

Wrap Dress – viscoseYardage – 2 yards (cut 4 strips at 12" wide and 60" long); $15.90 - Dharma Trading $7.95 per yard 

Top – hemp and cotton jerseyYardage – 2; $22.48 - Dharma Trading $11.24 per yard


·         Cap sleeves


Trousers – [raw] silkYardage – 2;  $19.77 - Dharma Trading $6.59 per yard

Wrist Cuff – leatherColour  dark brown and cognac (mine measures 10cm at the widest, 44cm long)

Belt – leather; (mine measures about 3.5cm wide, 86cm long)


·      Waxed String $7.99

·      2 Buckles at 32mm $2

Pouch – canvas; Colour  khaki tan; Yardage – 1/2 

Arm Wraps – cottonColour  ivory/bone - must match top; Yardage – 3(70in. long, 4in wide);  $21.45 - Dharma Trading $7.15 per yard 

Boots – wool and leather; Colour  dark brown $184 at

Staff - 10 foot PVC pipe, wooden dowel, black worbla, wire, leather, heavy duty snaps, canvas strap, scrap fabric, spray paint, lacquer spray, wood glue.

Wrap Dress



Wrist Cuff




Arm Wraps


For the staff, I honestly just winged it.  Firstly, I calculated how tall my staff should be, based on Daisy Ridley's height:

Rey Height 5' 7" 170cm (11.5cm) =

Staff Height (12.5cm) = 72" = 6 feet


Long Top Section — 11cm = 80.52cm/81cm = 32 in.

Wrapped Middle Section — 6cm = 43.92cm/44cm = 17 in.

Short Bottom Section — 8cm = 58.56/59cm = 23 in.

Me 5' 3" =

Staff Height = 5' 8"


Long Top Section — 11cm = 75.68cm/76cm = 30 in.

Wrapped Middle Section — 6cm = 41.28cm/41 = 16 in.

Short Bottom Section — 8cm = 55.04cm/55cm = 22 in.

As soon as the measurements were figured out, I had my father cut my PVC into the appropriate lengths, as well as two short wooden dowels that I sanded down.

To insert the wooden dowel, I used a heat gun to heat up one end of the PVC, wiggled in the wooden dowel, and let the PVC cool so that the dowel was firmly in place.  I then sanded down the wood a tiny bit more so that it could slip into the midsection without being too loose.

I repeated this step for the other side to connect to the midsection as well.

I then took paper and drew the length of the "top" and "bottom" of the staff in order to very carefully draw out each part of the staff!  This way, I had a guideline for exactly how long and wide to make each portion of the staff.  From there, I just...winged it.  This was my first time using black worbla, and it took a lot of trial and error, until I felt comfortable with it!

Re-made Wrap Dress & Arm Wraps, November 2017

I purchased 3 yards of viscose for the new dress wrap and, after washing and drying, cut two strips 16" wide by the length of the fabric.  I sewed the two strips together, but did not hand gather the fabric at the shoulders!

New arm wraps are self-adhesive ace bandages over a nude compression sleeve.